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This is a super sweet track and totally deserves to be called a piece of art. Very interesting to listen to - it goes this way and that. Nice instrument choice and variety. The style kinda reminds me a bit of An Endless Sporadic.

Twone responds:



I can't understand why this isn't rated higher. This sounds very professional and there are a bunch of nice elements in this song that I don't often hear. A tad repetitive, I guess, but overall it's just a really full sound. Great job.

wowz!! pr0 skillz & totez killa $hit!!@

So awesome, lots of stuff going on here. This sounds really trippy and unique, not to mention overall professional. It takes a lot of browsing and searching to find a piece of music that truly distinguishes itself from the rest, and this one undoubtedly does.


this is so absolutely ridiculous, I just can't wait until the full track release!!! Is that you singing? I should really stop listening to this before I go crazy

pretty fucking sweet

love the speech samples. overall, you've got a pretty fresh sound

pretty good

I like the lfo sweeps. The instruments, chord progression, and melody capture the feeling well. The sample could be a bit louder. This is up to artistic interpretation, but you could have the music fade out at the end while the sample plays (kinda like in the beginning). Otherwise, it feels empty. The whole point is to integrate the sample into the music, not have one play after the other.

PainasaurusRex responds:

Thank you for the review, the volume of the sample was one thing that was brought up to me from other people, I'll definitely bring it up, and update this. Also, I'll see what I can do about the end with keeping something going it's not just her talking. Thank you :D


I wrote a review for your previous submission, not realizing that it was an earlier version of this

The intro is a lot better, the pads are nice. Bass panning was not a bad idea, but the bass sound itself is still lacking something. Is the panning supposed to stay on the left at 1:34?

PainasaurusRex responds:

Thank you for your review first of all.

As far as the bass, I completely agree with you, it's difficult for some reason for me to get the bass just right, powerful, but not overpowering, and some how epic. Also, I will be working on rhythm variations, just laying out the song and seeing what people think. So thanks again for the review, I greatly appreciate it. Oh, and as far as the panning getting stuck on the left, that would be a mistake, I'll look into it, FL studio has issues with that some times.

lacking density

I liked the way the slidy lead and the drops turned out, but wasn't a huge fan of the bass sound. And since you have it playing without the lead for a good portion of the song, I'd try to make it more interesting or powerful, or vary the rhythm a bit, or add some pitch slides. Also, as far as I can tell, you don't have much going on besides the bass, the lead, and the standard percussion, so plop a pad in there to fill up some harmonic space. If you don't want to add any more instruments, maybe you could get away with just using more EQ, compression, reverb to pump everything up a notch.


I realized this was a loop only after a few of replays in. It's strange. The harmony seems to be major, but the sound of the synth playing the melody is anxious and foreboding. The short poem in the description really accompanies this well. Without being too specific you have captured the disposition most of us have regarding the end of our lives. Mysterious, unwanted, yet inevitable.

RawGreen responds:

thanks for the translation n_n

nice mood

good instrument choice. kinda short. why isn't this in the jazz category?

I am an independent producer of music that is primarily electronic, though I do like to keep things eclectic.

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