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Your music is really interesting

I like how boldly you merge seemingly unconventional elements together. You take the basic standard framework of a genre, like in this case, dnb - the drums are crisp, the breaks are appropriately spaced, there is variety in the fills and the sort of energy you expect from dnb.

The little delayed motif feels very consistent throughout the song, and there probably would have been just too much of it, if not for all the other fun harmonic stuff that gets layered with it, as well as the brief pause for when the vocal bits come in, there's some nice contrast.

It feels very progressive. The harmonies are super open, and it's non-standard, which might turn some people off, I guess, but that's what's fresh about this. The composition feels so cohesive as a whole, especially given the title.

It is lacking bass, though. Fans of genre conventions could be a bit disappointed, but otherwise the production is quite good. Albeit, that huge hallkick with delay is pretty loud, so it might be clipping.

Basically, I thought this was really well done, and I like your style!

Athanatos responds:

Thanks Ocular,
I try to merge a lot of different aspects of music to create a song. I don't really put any planning when I create a song. I create sounds and patterns then add a beat(dubstep,dnb,hiphop,etc) such as dnb. And build from there. I actually had to build this song off another unfinished project. About the bass issue, I really really thought about adding "bass" into this song but.. I was looking for more of a gentle touch to this song. There is bass... but very little haha. And mostly coming from the pads. I really tried to make the drums flow with the atmosphere of the song. And that echoing synth that is used throughout the song... I have no idea why but I'm just in love with it. I'm using it in other tracks as well just because it sounds so unique to me, and i can manipulate it so easily. I will admit there might be some parts of this song that might turn people off but I really made it in the way I personally wanted it to be.

I really appreciate your review O.N., and I'm glad you liked how it turned out!!

great mood/atmosphere

piano bits really make it stand out and sound classy, grace notes ftw!

steampianist responds:

thanks man

ok, so, in the beginning I thought, "yeah, this has the standard ZipZipper creepy vibe, very well mastered, clear sounds, and generally kinda light and circusy", but then at 0:43 it got terrifying. that was a transition I wasn't expecting. really cool dark percussion in that section. vocal effects from there onward were quite effective, without being too in-your-face. the humming bit at the very end was kinda lolz though, is that even part of the song? well, I haven't even watched the video yet, but congrats on this one! it really has a lot of evil evil energy, like, supa intense.

ZipZipper responds:

The end humming happens over the credits, but I consider it a benign appendage to the piece.

would you mind revealing what about the production/mixing is particularly new/unique here, because I'm honestly curious

the tempo automations are fairly obvious, if not rather extreme. personally, I like them. I think you've honed this style to DEATH, hah

that is to say, as far as creepy circus music goes, this is top notch

it totally has that old record tint to it, perhaps due to the tempo automation, and some of the extraneous noise, I think it works pretty well

ZipZipper responds:

To death indeed. I won't tire of it until the entire world is cirque madness. I'm proud of what I love. Well...I guess it doesn't matter what I did if you didn't notice any difference. It's even very minute to me, but a bit of an improvement. I guess I was just trying to get a little clearer mix that in turn made the sound fuller/louder.

sweep lp swells

it's a very pronounced effect, and pretty interesting

the arps complement the porta saw quite well

the sounds themselves have a simple/basic lo-fi feel to them, which is appropriate for video game genre, but the reverb smooths them out a bit, which, in my opinion, is better than the dry video game feel (I lean towards trancy sounds)

percussion is very down-beat/chill

Great job!

Mawnz responds:

Thank you for the well written review O.N :D

pretty funky what you got here, and the sounds and bits are spot on - truly characteristic of the combo of genres you've got going on

the glide on that one synth was pretty sexy

maybe too much of the stutter glitching stuff for my taste

the ending was a treat

DJ-Hectic responds:

Thanks for the great review, dude! Glad you enjoyed it, and it's a relief to hear you dug the ending as well, since I thought I overdid it initially, but stuck with it. I actually agree that the glitchy stuff was a bit much. I might tweak it later this week if I find the time, tone down some of the syncopations. Again, much appreciated!

pretty cool

the main first lead sounds really good, but I don't think the other synths you use quite compare in intensity

at 1:09, idk how much you changed it, but it sounds a bit empty

g4ebguyGT responds:

Yea, I removed alot of the other stuff that was in your original.
Besides the actual synths, I made some just a bit louder then others in your original.
The bass kicks, hat, etc etc were all deleted and I put my own in,

I added some extra notes to the melody at the end.
Like I said, only worked on it for around a hour. There will be more versions.

So, I'm not too crazy about whatever it is you decided to modulate at 1:20 and 1:27, but since you did, why don't you also do so at 1:42, just to mark some difference after the break. That section could really benefit from not being the exact same thing.

I really like how you filled out the part at 2:11 though, and it's probably the best part of the song now, imo.

lol @ description

Synthapse responds:

think i should take that effect thing out now? I can do it in like 2 seconds

at 0:35, the arp that comes in sounds a bit too much like an unedited preset. It gets better as you speed it up and increase the resonance (or cutoff?), though.

1:40 is good, sounds full. The kick is nice and prominent. Like the pause at 1:53.

2:19 - again, not a huge fan of that arp the way it sounds in this section.

The cutoff automation of the main lead at 1:32 and 2:34 sounds distorted in a bad way, but I'm not sure what you can do to fix that. Use a different filter?

I like the concept of the outro, but the piano could sound more interesting. Sounds a little bit empty, so maybe add some delay? That might create problems when automating tempo, however.

Pwnage101 responds:

The arp's that I use were actually my creation, I prefer to make my own synthesizing noises. I used Poizone 2 for it. But I could beef them up, a little more, perhaps make them seem less uniform. Make them a little more original sounding. I ended up finding a preset, just out of curiosity, and it sounds all too similar. So I will definitely look into that.

Thanks haha, I believe I messed with a limiter more for this song than my others. Gave it an easier access to make it sound full, rather than too much synthesizer and not enough kick, and made it easier on the ears.

I messed around with the cutoff ability, and I believe the issue was that the drive setting on Toxic Biohazard was set too high. Once it was lowered, the synthesizer lost a little bit of power, but the interference was removed. All I had to do to fix the power was throw in a Soundgoodizer and Balance, and it came back to it's full potential.

I honestly started messing with the outro as soon as I posted this version... I have a little trouble with waiting to perfect it, only because it is Newgrounds. Then again, it could remove from my ability to get well known for good music, especially if what I am putting out is not to par with what I am capable of. But I will try some more with the outro, and let you know how it goes!


nice arp progression, I like it (but you misplaced a note - at 0:46, 0:58, 1:10, and all the analogous places there's an Ab in the arps that's supposed to be an A)

I feel like the section from 1:30 and on could use a more dedicated bass. I can only hear the kick and the supersaw polysynth, so something a bit more in the low end would probably make it sound more full.

Pwnage101 responds:

Ah! Nailed it on the head. I had an eerie feeling that part of the arps progression was off, and have been trying to figure what note to change, and where, to make it sound as good as it could. I almost feel silly for not having found it before I placed it up.

And yes, I am still trying to get a good bass sound for this song. I honestly couldn't get one in, yet, but I am working on it more to figure it out.


I am an independent producer of music that is primarily electronic, though I do like to keep things eclectic.

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