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Pretty decent, overall. It accomplishes the feel you were going for fairly well. It's not exactly my sorta thing, but I can't take off points for that. Now, what I would normally say is that there isn't much harmonic variety or progression and the entire thing drags on in a very similar fashion throughout, but I suppose that's reasonable in this sort of style. I do like the feedback-ish sound playing throughout the first half of the song and at the end. It's pretty much the only distinctly "electronic" sound you have here. I would try to enhance it in some way, maybe accentuate the lower frequencies. The hit at 1:06 was a nice transitional tool.

It has the correct ambiance, but (personally) I felt the meat of the song was lacking interest value. I could envision it being title screen music for a variety of game genres.

at 0:35, the arp that comes in sounds a bit too much like an unedited preset. It gets better as you speed it up and increase the resonance (or cutoff?), though.

1:40 is good, sounds full. The kick is nice and prominent. Like the pause at 1:53.

2:19 - again, not a huge fan of that arp the way it sounds in this section.

The cutoff automation of the main lead at 1:32 and 2:34 sounds distorted in a bad way, but I'm not sure what you can do to fix that. Use a different filter?

I like the concept of the outro, but the piano could sound more interesting. Sounds a little bit empty, so maybe add some delay? That might create problems when automating tempo, however.

Pwnage101 responds:

The arp's that I use were actually my creation, I prefer to make my own synthesizing noises. I used Poizone 2 for it. But I could beef them up, a little more, perhaps make them seem less uniform. Make them a little more original sounding. I ended up finding a preset, just out of curiosity, and it sounds all too similar. So I will definitely look into that.

Thanks haha, I believe I messed with a limiter more for this song than my others. Gave it an easier access to make it sound full, rather than too much synthesizer and not enough kick, and made it easier on the ears.

I messed around with the cutoff ability, and I believe the issue was that the drive setting on Toxic Biohazard was set too high. Once it was lowered, the synthesizer lost a little bit of power, but the interference was removed. All I had to do to fix the power was throw in a Soundgoodizer and Balance, and it came back to it's full potential.

I honestly started messing with the outro as soon as I posted this version... I have a little trouble with waiting to perfect it, only because it is Newgrounds. Then again, it could remove from my ability to get well known for good music, especially if what I am putting out is not to par with what I am capable of. But I will try some more with the outro, and let you know how it goes!


nice arp progression, I like it (but you misplaced a note - at 0:46, 0:58, 1:10, and all the analogous places there's an Ab in the arps that's supposed to be an A)

I feel like the section from 1:30 and on could use a more dedicated bass. I can only hear the kick and the supersaw polysynth, so something a bit more in the low end would probably make it sound more full.

Pwnage101 responds:

Ah! Nailed it on the head. I had an eerie feeling that part of the arps progression was off, and have been trying to figure what note to change, and where, to make it sound as good as it could. I almost feel silly for not having found it before I placed it up.

And yes, I am still trying to get a good bass sound for this song. I honestly couldn't get one in, yet, but I am working on it more to figure it out.


You should be very proud of this track. The quality of the synths does matter a lot, and it shows that you've spent a lot of time fine tuning them in this one. I love complextro, whether it's just the illusion of complexity or actual skill at varying themes (I think you've got the latter). How do you get your chord synth to hit so powerfully? I am amazed. There are so many impeccably refined details that I just don't think I could list right now. I can only anticipate what awesome sounds you will produce in the future, as you keep improving your craft. From what I can tell, you are on the right track!

Indigorain responds:

Wow, thanks for the amazing review, buddy!
I do sidechain my chord synths as well, it leaves a lot of room for the kick's high end.
At the drop, where the chord synths hit at the end of each phrase, it's just a matter of timing and instrumentation. I layer it down with a bassnote and a chiptune melody. The rest is just the timing of where to put it, it sounds really powerful after a short silent part.
Anyway, thanks again for the awesome review, I really appreciate the kind words man! :D

Total sex.

Love the pitch rise buildup.

way too short

not enough layers for a powerful, orchestral track, if you were going for that

I still voted 5, because - by comparison to other high-rated newgrounds stuff, it's pretty good

but too short, and no development :(

WolfySnackrib responds:

Wow, thanks for your review, as you know I'm a huge fan of yours. Downloaded all your songs, I did.
Composing orchestral is really difficult for me so I'm glad if I manage to even squeeze this out, and it was mostly a test and experiment, not a polished, complete, finished song, so I see your point. I suppose my other song "Avatribalian" is a bit more wholesome.

First off - did you use loops in this one? In any case, I strongly urge you to stray away from those.

The lack of a solid clap/snare makes it sound like it never gets there. Like it's constantly building up to something, but then receding. This piece needs a "chorus" sorta section, if you know what I mean.

The ending was kinda dumb

The synth sounds you used were on the whole quite good sounding

The drum loop gets pretty boring - no variety

Kinda empty at times

Excessive use of the arp tool?

Sorry if my review is too criticism-heavy. The product was rather decent, I'm just trying to draw your attention to things you can improve on.

Sounds powerful. Works pretty well as a dance tune. Maybe a tad too much noise (sidechain it more?). Big sounds. Like it.

TheZaaL responds:

??? More??? I thought I was already over-sidechaining! Ok, I'll check it out!


I love the way it loops - how it drops back to essentially nothing, and then builds up in intensity again. Sweet chiptune-ish sounds - I particularly like the blip with the rapid delay. Chromatic passages in the melody is another thing that always seems to catch my fancy. It's a damn shame that this doesn't have more views/downloads, reviews, and a higher score.

Very well done! I don't think I need to tell you, but the percussion, the 3/4 time, the transition to the faster 4/4 section and back, the instrument choice, the chord progression - everything was just spot on for that circus feel. Nice production!

steampianist responds:

thanks dude

I am an independent producer of music that is primarily electronic, though I do like to keep things eclectic.

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